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Cinders Fancy Chicks & Stables​

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About Us

Sian and Paul and it all started when Sian met Paul about 8 years ago and we 'aquired' five hybrid hens from his the family poultry farm in preston. Since then we have expanded and been rare poultry breeding for some years. Now our life revovles around then farm and its animals.

Fortunately Paul has many years expierence rearing and raising day old chicks to point of lay hens from his work on major poultry farms around the UK. We have now hatched countless amounts of rare breed chicks and raised them to point of lay, helping us gain expierence in many ways.

This is a small family run business run from home in North Wales, so any enquires are answered by the people who feed, water, clean-out, collect the eggs and love the hens. We have taken to showing our birds with great success including winning the National Poultry shows 2012/2013 &2014 with our rare poultry. We try to give the birds the best possible free range life as possible. We feed farmgate feeds which we find has brought the best out in our birds, along side with fresh garlic and cod liver oil in the water.